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New Articles to Deepen Your Expertise

We are pleased to share the 2023 3rd Quarter edition of the CLTC Digest. As always, you will find highly educational and insightful articles, and a case study, to expand your knowledge and skills when it comes to helping clients plan for extended care.



The Elephant, the Blind Men, and LTC, by Stephen Moses

Three blind men approached an elephant. One touched the elephant’s trunk and exclaimed, “it’s a hose.” The second grasped the elephant’s leg and said, “must be a pole.” The third reached for the elephant’s tail and concluded, “a rope.” The allegory of the blind men and the elephant teaches us the folly of reaching conclusions about any complex thing without first comprehending its entirety. What can we learn about long-term care from this ancient parable?



Why Joe Namath May be the Single Biggest Threat to Your Clients’ Retirement Plansby Melinda Caughill, CSA

Clients should be able to rely on their trusted financial advisor to help them with all the important decisions they have to make to achieve a secure retirement. That starts with an informed discussion of healthcare in retirement, which for most people is Medicare. And savvy advisors find this conversation can lead to several other important topics like long-term care and estate planning.



The Case for an LTCi Employee Benefit. And Why 7702(b) Matters for LTC Planning, by Marc Glickman, FSA, CLTC® 

Due to the increase in the number of Americans needing long-term care, it’s no secret that some states are attempting to manage costs by considering a payroll tax to fund a modest long-term care benefit. The attention created by these legislative efforts and the potential to opt-out of a payroll tax is one reason more employers are considering long-term care insurance as an employee benefit.



Why Technology is a Game Changer for LTCi Claimsby Jessica Ferg

In a recent benefits poll with five of the largest Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCi) carriers, all identified common pain points. And all of them can be easily addressed with technology.



The High Cost of Waiting to Plan for LTCby Margie Barrie 

Some clients may never qualify to buy medically underwritten long-term care products. The odds get worse as they age. Another problem: Clients who buy later pay higher premiums. The younger your clients are when purchasing this protection, the less they will pay over the life of the policy. Here are four reasons why. 



LTC Case Study: LTCi at the Worksiteby Lori Martin, CLTC®

There is a heightened interest in employer sponsored LTCi plans these days. The WA Cares Act, a public LTC plan funded by a payroll tax, generated a notable interest in LTC insurance for both individuals and groups. Other states are considering a public LTC plan and employers and benefit brokers are taking notice! If you haven’t looked into the employer market recently, you will be surprised to find the number of quality options available on the market today. 



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